Monday, February 4, 2013

The Raven Boys

Kirkus Style Review for my Reader's Advisory Class:

Ancient Welsh kings, energy lines, and psychics aren't normal obssession for pre-Ivy League prep school boys, but then again, these Raven boys are anything but normal.

Gansey has been obsessed with locating the tomb of Glendower, an ancient Welsh king that he believes was brough over to America to lay on some very powerful ley lines (lines of energy). He ropes his two friends Adam and Ronan into his quest and they soon discover that something is amiss. There is someone else messing with the energy and magic. Things begin to get complicated when Blue, a psychic's daughter, starts to tag along and use her amplifying energy to help the boys locate the ley lines and the king.

With more plot twists and side stories in this young adult novel then you can possibly imagine this fanciful and exciting journey will suck you in quicker then a witch's spell. The only downfall however, is having to wait for the sequel.

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