Sunday, January 27, 2013

Safe Haven

This was a breeze to get through. One lazy Sunday and BAM it's down. Occasionally, I like to read a fast, no brainer, romantic book and this fit the bill. Nicholas Sparks has the ability to suck you in with his too good to be true romances and this is no exception.

Katie is a girl running from a haunted past (aka abusive husband) and she lands in, Southport, a sleepy town thousands of miles away from her husband.  She tries to stay inconspicuous and under the radar but soon she attracts the attention of Alex, an attractive widower with two small children. Of course Alex is the most perfect of men and she succumbs to his good looks and manners, but what happens if her past catches up to her?

Read to find out more. This is a perfect beach read, although not my favorite Nicholas Sparks novel (I do however plan on seeing the movie next month!)

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