Thursday, September 26, 2019

Ninth House

Shut the front door! This book was all around amazing. I literally cannot wait for the next book in the series. I have previously only read one book by Leigh Bardugo, but you can bet your sweet ass I'm going back and reading more after this masterpiece! Ninth House is brilliant and complex and wonderfully dark. It was SO inventive. The first few chapters were a little bit overwhelming as the reader has to absorb a lot of information quickly and try not to get disoriented or lost, but soon everything clicks into place and it becomes a thrill to read. Nineteen year old, Alex Stern has a pretty sordid past so when she gets the opportunity to leave California and attend Yale FOR FREE, she takes it. Yale wants her not for her book smarts, but for her ability to see ghosts. Her whole life she shrunk away from her ability and used any type of drug to let her lose sight of the dead, but now Alex can use her ability for her gain. Yale has secret societies of varying magical abilities, the Ancient Eight, and a group needs to keep them in check. Enter the Lethe House. Members of Lethe show up at all sanctioned rituals and help make sure that the magic never bleeds out into the college or into the town and keep everyone safe. Or at least they're supposed to. When a young townie is killed on a ritual night, Alex is convinced that it isn't an ordinary murder. She'll have to follow her gut and get into a world of trouble and hurt to get to the bottom of it. Badass. My description doesn't do it justice. Alex is an amazing character and the magic described in this book is unique and fascinating. 100% recommend!

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