Thursday, September 19, 2019

Dead Voices

Engrossing and wonderful, I adored this follow up to Small Spaces! The gang is back but this time they are on a new adventure. Ollie's dad has won a free ski trip for five at the newest ski resort in Vermont. Ollie and her best friends Coco and Brian will accompany Ollie's Dad and Coco's mom on the trip of a lifetime. On their way up the mountain the snow keeps coming down, and by the time they reach the top, Coco is convinced she has seen a ghost and they all know that they are completely snowed in. None of the other guests ventured out into the weather except for an odd ghost hunter so they have the entire ski lodge to themselves... except maybe they don't. Closets rattle, ghosts appear, and Mother Hemlock is after them. They soon realize that this trip will turn into a nightmare if they don't stop the ghosts and figure out what they're after. A lot of fun and will probably be genuinely terrifying for young kids. There are definitely some creepy elements in her. I hope there are more in this series!

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