Friday, September 27, 2019

Bringing Down the Duke

A historical romance that is not only witty, but a tad bit steamy too! Certain plot lines read right out of a Jane Austen novel, but that only served to make the book more enjoyable! In her mid-twenties, Annabelle is practically a spinster, she convinces her closest relations to let her study at Oxford (now that women can attend) and finds herself getting more and more involved in the women's suffragette movement. While she's busy trying to recruit men to the cause she stumbles into Duke Montgomery, a dashing and infuriating man. Even though he is far above her station they keep finding their paths crossing. He is so insufferably attractive and witty; it would be easier if she could just hate the man and move on with her life. Soon they are both wanting to rip off each others clothes, but Annabelle has a lot more to lose if a scandal occurs. Charming, steamy, and unerringly witty; a nice romantic read.

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