Friday, February 20, 2015

The Coin of the Realm

An action adventure that would do great as a movie, but at points lost me in the book (although, it is possible I read too fast). Dubin's novel is a compelling and gripping quest filled with plot twists, revenge, romance, hidden motives, and a priceless treasure.

Rick Weisman is used to drifting around, he's not sure what he wants out of life. When his Uncle Eli bestows him with the priceless Zevi coin, Rick literally has no idea what to do with it. He feels plagued with too many choices so he retreats to the sea and joins a shipping crew heading across the ocean to Africa. While on the ship his future starts to become more clear and he finds himself fighting to get more answers. When they arrive in North Africa his quest really begins and he must fight for everything he holds dear. What does he truly want most?

Brought to life in vivid detail, this story captures the seafaring life, the exotic atmosphere of North Africa, the slave trade, and many other minor details that lend itself to the larger picture. The rich detail make the story that much more compelling and believable and you find yourself lost in Rick's struggles. In my race to get to the conclusion I may have sped-read over some mildly important details because by the end I had a hard time getting a few of the character's stories and motives straights, but that was easily remedied. Just learn from me and pay better attention :)

I received this book for free from the author in return for my honest, unbiased review.

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