Friday, February 27, 2015

Beautiful You

This book got more absurd the longer you read it. Penny isn't special, she's failed the bar four times and gets coffee for lawyers. One day at work she runs into the world's richest day. Unbelievably, he takes her out for dinner and slowly seduces her. Penny is the luckiest girl in the world. She soon finds that he is also AMAZING in the bedroom. He gives her, her first of THOUSANDS of orgasms. The only downside? Penny discovers that the toys and lotions Maxwell is using on her are going to be mass produced. Penny is a test subject for a line of Beautiful You products that will soon change the very fabrics of society. The sex toys are amazing. Too amazing. Women only want to pleasure themselves, nothing else is important, friends, family, hygiene all thrown to the wayside as they search for more batteries and more Beautiful You toys. As society begins to crumble, Penny suspects that something is "wrong" with the products and she may be the only one to stop it. Absurd, eye opening, and funny. Claassic Palahniuk.

Word to the wise, this book is dirty and erotic. If you listen to the audiobook like  I did you might want to make sure your windows are rolled up at all time, you don't want people to give you weird stares. Just saying.

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