Monday, March 31, 2014

The Devil Walks in Mattingly

There is enough suspense and questions in the first few pages to keep you turning pages earnestly trying to figure out what happens next. I wasn't even aware that there was such a thing as Christian suspense, but I was wrong. Billy Coffey does a fantastic job weaving together a tale of intrigue and suspense without all the gore, sex, or language. At the same time it's not overly preachy or Christian, so it won't scare off non-religious readers. There is a nice hidden web of faith that reveals itself in small moments and makes the story come alive.

Sheriff Barnett shies away from trouble. Luckily nothing ever happens in the sleepy town of Mattingly, that is,  until a gruesome murder takes place and the killer escapes. Barnett tries to do right by the town and do what needs to be done but he can barely face the demons of his own past, let alone face the killer. He and his wife soon discover that the crimes of the present are linked with the sins of their past and in order to bring about justice they have to confront their own sins. There is a place in the hills of Mattingly, the Holler, that hides not just the Barnett's sins, but those of a killer.

Can a lifetime of good deeds make up for one horrible sin? Is it possible to face your fears and forgive yourself? Read to find out! For fans of Christian suspense or suspense in general.

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