Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dark Places

Ahh! Soo suspenseful and thrilling! Little Libby was only seven years old when her mother and two sisters brutally murdered. The media ate up the "Satan sacrifice of Kinnakee, Kansas" and Libby heroically testified that her fifteen year old brother Ben, had been the one to slaughter her family. Twenty-Five years later Libby is having some regrets. In desperate need of money she starts selling some family items to members of a kill club (weirdo obsessed with mass murderers, bloody memorabilia and unsolved crimes) and in the process discovers that the kill club weirdos think her brother is innocent. The more she is forced to remember the past, the more certain she is that something isn't right. She sets off to do a little detective work on her own and find out what really happened that night.

Riveting and thrilling this is a great page turner. As good, if not better, than Gone Girl.

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