Sunday, March 30, 2014

Orphan Train

This is a perfect book club pick. It's intriguing, informative, fast, and easy to read. Honestly, I could even see this book passing off as a young adult novel, as one of the main characters is a seventeen year old girl and it's such a fast read.

The story is told by two characters; Molly, a seventeen year old orphan in 2011 and Niamh, an young orphan shipped out to the west on the orphan train in the 1920's. Their stories are more alike then they realize. When Molly starts on a volunteer project to clean out 91 year old Vivian's attic she has no idea the story she will uncover. Each box in the attic has a story that brings the two closer together.

A wonderfully told story with more historical details about the orphan train included in the back. A perfect pick for book clubs or fans of historical fiction.

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