Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Grimm Legacy

Shulman, Polly. The Grimm Legacy. 8 CDs. unabridged. 9 hrs. 19 mins. Dreamscape Media. 2013. ISBN 9781624068454. $59.99. 

What if fairy tales and legends weren't just stories, what if they were real? Elizabeth finds out first hand at an after school job at an unusual lending library in New York City. The library houses the mysterious Grimm collection containing: Cinderella's slippers, magic carpets, Puss's boots and every other imaginable magical object. The adventure begins when magical objects start to go missing and Elizabeth and her new friends take it upon themselves to try and track down the thief and preserve the magic before others steal items and use them for evil. The bizarre escapades that Elizabeth and her friends get in will have young reader's hearts pounding and begging for more. Romantic intrigue also ensues as the friends find themselves turning to each other for support. Earphones Award winner, Julia Whelan does a masterful job of switching between characters and conveying their youthful tones and excitement. For young fans of fairy tales and fantasy, both boys and girls will get into the action, adventure, humor, and fairy tale intrigue.  - Erin Cataldi, Franklin College, Franklin, IN

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