Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger

Harbison, Beth. Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger. 7 CDs. unabridged. Macmillan Audio. 2013. ISBN 9781427230843. $34.99.

New York Times bestselling romance author, Beth Harbison, brings every girl's worst nightmare to life. On the happiest day of Quinn Barton's life, her wedding day, she discovers that her husband to be has been cheating on her. Quinn flees the scene and spends the next ten years hiding from the memories of her failed romance in, ironically, a wedding dress boutique, spending her life helping other young women live the dream that she never got to. When her ex-fiance returns to town, predictably Quinn's life is turned upside down. There isn't much intrigue or excitement, but it is a very truthful account of heartbreak and the hope for love and redemption. Read by talented voice and television actress, Orlagh Cassidy, who gives the characters heart, depth, and fantastic southern accents. Perfect for fans of mindless romance, a great beach read. - Erin Cataldi, Franklin College, Franklin, IN

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