Monday, July 30, 2012

A Magical Little Read

I was in just the right kind of mood for this easy breezy fantasy novel. It's a feel good novel that begs to be read outdoors on a nice spring day.

The story follows Hannah, a young healer of sorts, who lives in the Tanglewood forest under the watchful eye of a conniving wizard. She has no idea how she came to be, what her name is, or why she is different from the village folk who come to her for salves, remedies, and healing. Flowers and vines grow in her hair and she uses them to help makes medicines for the nearby village folk and at the end of every month she pulls them all out of her hair and makes a tea for the wizard. As the story progresses she starts to wonder more about her existence and tries to get her friends, some forest animals (yes she can talk to animals as well), to explain to her the ways of the world and why she has to serve the wizard the way she does but they can't remember anything about their past or future existence either. The story takes an interesting turn when a night enters the forest trying to seek treasure at the heart of the Tanglewood, when he is badly injured Hannah (what the young healer has taken to calling herself) restores his health and starts a quest to find out what the true meaning of her life is. 

It's a beautifully written story and you can't help but sympathize with poor Hannah as she tries to find out what her purpose is. It is a cute and easy adventure and I would highly recommend it to anyone :)

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