Friday, December 23, 2022

A Merry Little Meet Cute

I am a huge Hallmark Christmas movie fan so I was jacked to read a book that was a play on one of my favorite guilty pleasure. Teddy, a pornography producer decides to "diversify" and wants to produce a clean Christmas romance for the Hope Channel. He makes a new LLC and everything so no one can link him back to his real "business." A few days before shooting is set to take place, disaster occurs. A lot of the production crew and the female lead are out. In a hasty move he fills the slots with some porn crew and even casts Bianca von Honey, a plus size porn star as the lead. He is praying to god no one will catch on and the filming will go off without a hitch. Only there is one hitch, the reformed bad boy pop singer, now lead actor on set, knows EXACTLY who "Bee" is, he has subscribed to her content for years. How can they keep this all under wraps?! Sexy, full of positive sex work, and cute. Would definitely read more like this!

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