Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Fish On!

Young fishing lovers will adore this chapter book that explores one kid's great fishing day. Luke is beyond excited to go to his grandparent's lake house in the woods. His sister isn't big on fishing and his older brother likes to sleep in so Luke knows he will have the whole lake to himself for the first few hours of the day. He sets out early, eager to see what's biting. He has some of his favorite lures, hidden hot spots, and lots of patience! His goal is to catch enough fish to feed his family at breakfast, anything else is just a bonus. He goes from one area of the lake to the next, swapping out lures, and scoping out the fish. He's in for a real treat though and will have more than just fish to give his family- he'll have a ton of stories, some of which sound unbelievable, but you had to be there! Lots of fun - an easy chapter book perfect for readers in elementary school. To find out more more you can purchase the book (and more in the series) at Use code ERIN10 to save 10% off your order!

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