Monday, June 20, 2022

Part of Your World

I was in the mood for a rom com and this turned into the best summer read! I hated the cover art but I'm glad I picked up the book anyways because it was so much fun. It was like a Hallmark movie but way spicier and had lots more logic (you still had to suspend belief in a few parts, but it wasn't too bad. Alexis Montgomery is travelling home from a funeral when she gets stuck in a ditch in the middle of nowhere two miles from home. A rugged and handsome country boy pulls her out and one thing leads to another. She is horrified with herself, she never does one night stands and especially not with men ten years younger than her! She dashes out of his home first thing in the morning, but not before she steals one of his hoodies. In no time at all she is back at the hospital, grinding away in the ER as a doctor but she can't stop thinking about that country boy. Daniel for his part can't stop thinking about her either. When she calls him out of the blue to "return his hoodie" they strike up a romance that defies the odds. They will never fit in each other's lives... or will they? Witty, spicy, and cute - I loved all the characters!

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