Monday, February 21, 2022

The Lady of Galway Manor

Annabeth De Lacy and her family have been sent to Galway to keep an eye on the Irish rebels. Without the English court to keep her entertained, Annabeth convinces her father to let her apprentice at a local jewelry shop. Annabeth is enthralled with the Claddagh design and it's meaning and she finds herself falling for Irish customs and ways of life. The only problem is that is putting her at odds with her English family who view the Irish as beneath them. The jewelry shop owner's son, Stephen, is an attractive young man with big dreams and a hatred of the English. He is initially appalled at having to take his new English landlord's daughter under his wing and show her the ropes of the business. Soon however, he finds himself falling for her and she for him. Can they place their prejudices aside and see what is right in front of them? A moving historical romance that inspirational readers will love. 

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