Thursday, September 2, 2021

Last Letter from Your Lover

I'm not one for affairs, but this romance story still sucked me in. Alternating between the sixties and the early 2000s; The Last Letter From Your Lover, is about a love letter uncovered in an archive and the journey to discover the origins. The letter is asking his lover to run away with him and Ellie has to know how it turned out. Did she leave her husband and live happily ever after? Ellie is a journalist obsessed with knowing more because she is currently in the middle of an affair herself. Is there hope for her? The origins of the letter are more twisted then she even realized, the woman to whom the letter was addressed was involved in a car accident and forget everything. Her husband, the affair, all of it. That is until she uncovers some letters in a dresser drawer. She was having an affair!? Interesting and engaging; an overall enjoyable story, saving for the adultery. 

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