Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Under the Bayou Moon

Ellie Fields is unsatisfied with her life in Alabama so she listens to her heart and takes a teaching job in a tiny bayou town in sleepy Louisiana. She immediately falls in love with the wilderness and the people. The Cajun residents are initially weary of the newcomer because in the past the teachers have used any means necessary to snuff out French speaking between the students. Ellie has to work hard to win over the locals, but once she does the reward is worth it. These humble swamp people are just trying to hold onto their culture and heritage in a country that's trying to assimilate - Ellie helps them realize that she is not the enemy and that she respects and loves their traditions. She is especially smitten with the legend of the white alligator and loves the local food. While adjusting to life in the bayou, Ellie starts to take a shine to Raphe and his nephew Remy as they are some of the first residents to welcome her. Soon they are inseparable. Ellie has more than gotten her fresh start - but soon a greedy man will threaten the community that she has grown to love. Wonderful inspirational historical fiction. Fans of Where the Crawdads Sing will also like this tamer inspirational read. 

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