Friday, September 28, 2018

Lethal White

I won't lie. This might be my favorite out of the Cormoran Strike series so far. Once I got into it, I was INTO it. There were soo many twists, turns, clues, and red herrings; it takes a genius to map out a plot like this. I also enjoyed where their love lives are heading are heading in Lethal White; at this rate I don't know if Robin and Cormoran will ever get together but after reading this... book five should be promising. So much sexual tension!!!! The plot of this one is intriguing, it starts with a mentally deranged man barging into Strike's office blathering on about witnessing a murder as a child and suddenly it ties in with socialists, ministers, some wealthy snobs, and worst of all, Strike's ex, Charlotte. Tightly wound and filled with unforgettable (albeit, mostly unlikable) characters. I literally cannot wait for the next book. What will they solve next? Hopefully their attraction for each other!

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