Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Save Me

I was shocked by how quickly I got into the story, I thought it would be a pretty straight forward story but about half way through there was a twist and the second half was like a thriller/mystery. The premise of this book will be great for book discussions. If you're kid and another kid were trapped in a burning building who would you save? Rose is a stay at home mom who happens to be on lunch duty at her daughter's school. She's keeping an eye on her daughter Melly whose been getting bullied about a birth mark on her face. She catches one of the popular third graders taunting Melly prompting her to run and hide in the bathroom. Rose goes over to talk to the mean girls about bullying when a fireball rips through the room. Rose must make a decision, does she save the mean girls first or run and rescue her daughter who is now trapped in a burning bathroom? Her decision will soon have her be the town outcast. Can she live with her decision? Is it really her fault? What is a mother to do? It definitely makes you think!

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