Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears

A very concentrated history covering the Trail of Tears and the decade of failed treaties surrounding it. Being pretty ignorant on the subject other than what I "learned" in school I was excited to immerse myself in a history book that would expand what little I knew. While this was an enlightening book, it was very concentrated and I hate to say it, but a little dry. This is not for the light reader, this is for the dedicated history of Native American scholar. This nonfiction book focused on the numerous failed treaties and betrayal of the American government to protect and care for the Cherokee nation. The actions (rather inaction) of the American government was shameful and appalling and I was impressed that the author didn't do a lot of finger pointing (although it would have been very, very easy to do). An enlightening, depressing read for fans of history and American/ Native relations.

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