Thursday, November 15, 2012

When Bad Christians Happen to Good People

What an aptly titled book. I myself am a Christian (specifically Catholic... if you really wanted to know) but time and time again I find myself in awe of how hateful and judgmental other "Christians" can be towards other Christians and good people (and heaven help us normal people!). This book does an excellent job of defining fear based theology and describing where some Christians have fallen off the path. Jesus said to love one another not condemn or pass judgement on them. Dave Burchett, a sports broadcaster and prolific blogger, outlines many different steps that Christians can take to see the err in their ways and how by working together and loving all we can reclaim all those who are disillusioned with the church. We need to let go of live as "Jesus followers, not rule enforcers."

This is an interesting read and can easily be read in small chunks. It's a little "preachy" but in the best sense possible. Might make a snarky, yet useful gift to your overbearing Christian friend who thinks you're going to hell for having a gay sibling (or something).

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