Sunday, March 25, 2018


Very rarely is the sequel better than the original, but hot dog! This one came close. This was SUCH a great follow up! And the end! Man, I need the next book ASAP, the ending was out of control in the best and most surprising way possible!I won't summarize this too much, only saying that you absolutely have to read Scythe before you get to this. After the shocking conclusion to the first book in the series, this one picked up right where that left off and follows the two apprentices on their different paths. Also the Thunderhead (the omnipotent governing body of the world) becomes a major player in this book, acting as one of the narrators. So does Greyson Tolliver, a nobody who becomes super important to the thunderhead and to the scythedom (although they don't know it yet). There are a lot of unsavory things going on with some of the scythes and the thunderhead doesn't like it, and is powerless to intervene. This book was awesome. I can't get over how unique the world-building and the plot are. It's mind-blowing. Read this series!!

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