Thursday, March 22, 2018

Kristy's Great Idea

I feel as if I read a few books in this series when I was younger (out of order, because I'm an animal), but I didn't really remember much. One of my aunts had a pop up scrapbook that I thought was SOO COOL! It letters, and journal entries, and postcards that you could take out, all I wanted to do was join a babysitter's club.  It looked so cool! Basically this book starts the series that lasts FOR INFINITY (they even have new graphic novels now). Four twelve year old girls decide to start a baby-sitting group to bring in more clients and make more money. They deal with personal problems along the way, strict parents, diabetes, divorce, and boys but they band together and decide that they'll stick together. All four girls are wildly different so I can see where the allure is in the series. I kinda want to read another one to see what shenanigans they get into!

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