Monday, January 8, 2018

God and Donald Trump

Sweet baby Jesus. I hate read the hell out of this piece of garbage. I HAD to know why people still believe that he is a "Godly" man chosen to lead the people. Basically it boils down to, yes he is a sinner, but God LEADS sinners and uses them for good. God chose Donald Trump to lead the people which is why he got almost ALL the Evangelical vote. This book was so filled with lies and garbage. Comparing Hillary to a Nazi and saying over and over again that she was going to get rid of religious liberties and give out free abortions for all and that she was basically Satan in disguise. She may not have been perfect, but she was none of those things. This book is so hypocritical and laughable. It made me sick reading it. The author is clearly delusional and lying to himself. No one can say that Trump is a good Christian. He's had sexual allegations against him, been married three times, is a bully, owns casinos, doesn't regularly attend church, married a lesbian porn star, etc. Hate read this while you drink.

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