Tuesday, November 28, 2017


This collection of 20 small posters is an eclectic and weird mix of signs that have "big thoughts." I wasn't really in love with it. Some were way more clever than others. The pages are all printed on heavy card-stock so they can be easily removed and framed or hung in your house. They're funny and clever, but not exactly something that would like nice hanging on your wall. Maybe in a dorm room. The book jacket unfolds into a big poster of a telephone pole so you could theoretically hang up your favorite flier on there. Included are fake lost posters, wanted signs, existential questions. They're all written in sharpie and feature black and white photos of the lowest quality imaginable. Again, it's not something you'd probably want to hang up unless that is your sense of humor. It would make an okay gift for someone who is into weird shit like this. I have very meh feelings about it.

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