Monday, April 28, 2014

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Listening to the audiobook version of this was a real treat. It made me appreciate both John Green and David Levithan's writing talent even more. Usually I can't get into stories written by more than one author because I find them too choppy, by Green and Levithan play beautifully off of each other. Each chapter alternates between a different Will Grayson. The first Will Grayson (and obviously John Green's creation) is a quiet, no- nonsense kid who just so happens to be best friends with a massive hulkng, flaming gay teen called Tiny. Always hiding in the shadows behind Tiny's massive spotlight he yearns to be more than a safety net. The second Will Grayson is an angry, sulking, teen who pretty much hates everyone and everything, that is, except for his internet boyfriend Isaac. One Friday evening the Will Graysons cross paths in a porn store in Chicago. It seems to be no mere coincidence for their lives will both ultimately change.

A great poignant story that touches on friendship, sexuality, and the complexities of life. A great read (and listen!). For fans of young adult and LGBT literature.

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