Saturday, June 15, 2013

The White Tiger

This is the best contemporary Indian novel I've probably ever read (not that I've read a lot, but this does take the cake). The novel's protagonist, The White Tiger, paints a picture of modern day India that is largely unflattering and mostly true but still manages to show a certain type of reverence for it.

The White Tiger has many aliases, Balram Halwai, Munna, driver, and more. He grew up in a very poor village and through "good fortune" managed to work his way way up and find a job as a driver in the city. Balram is a complicated man however, he is a country bumpkin and absurdly loyal to his master but he can't help wanting more out of his life. The prose of his life story is funny, terrifying, and inspiring. It's darkly humorous look at modern day India will definitely compel the reader. Overall, a great book.

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