Sunday, June 24, 2012

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover

After reading a heavy duty romance I was due for a light-hearted sappy read and this fit the bill. It's a story about hope and redemption and looking beyond the surface, it's a great feel good read.

The story follows Sasha, a 37 year old world famous ballerina who has just suffered a life altering fall and will never be the same again. Sasha decides to retreat from the world, her fans, her friends, and her husband by going back to her hometown to re-cooperate and learn to walk again. The thought of never dancing again throws Sasha into a deep and miserable depression, enter Evelyn. Evelyn is a bright young girl who is happily engaged and does odd jobs around town to save up for her wedding. Everyone in town (especially her parents) is disappointed that she chose to turn down college for her fiance (who has questionable morals and is seemingly marrying Evelyn to get in her pants, something she staunchly refuses to do before marriage). Evelyn takes a job as in home care for Sasha and the two constantly butt heads. In time though they begin to depend and rely on each other. And the roles momentarily flip when Sasha starts to heal and Evelyn's life is turned upside down. The unwilling pair make an unlikely duo as they struggle through life's challenges together.

It was a cute read and it took no time at all to plow through it. Definitely a beach read :)

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