Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Gun Love

First off, this cover is amazing, how could you pass up a book that looks this good? Secondly, the concept was pretty unique and made the book impossible to put down. Pearl and her momma have lived in an old mercury since she was born. Her mother thought they would only be there a few months, but fourteen years later they are still living in the same car. Pearl and her momma are two peas in a pod but when Eli moves into the trailer park she knows there is going to be trouble. Her momma is too nice and always trying to fix the strays. Nothing will ever be the same again. Peppered throughout the story are guns, they're almost a secondary character. From the random bulllethole in their car to the drunks shooting at the gators, to the empty casings Pearl finds in the dump, to the gun buyback program that the local pastor is organizing; guns are an integral part of Pearl's childhood. Gun Love is a tale of southern white trash, hope, guns, and the American dream. A great book!

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