Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Of Jenny and the Aliens

I haven't felt so strongly about a book in a long time, but I truly despised this teen book. The writing style wasn't bad and there was some decent humor but overall the plot and the characters were horrible! Derek, a dorky, but still slightly popular teenager goes to a house party the night the world finds out aliens exist. Everyone is more carefree and open and scared, so he finds himself talking to Jenny (who is walking around the party topless) and later in the evening he loses his virginity to her. He becomes OBSESSED with Jenny over night and she is all he can think about. Even when he runs into an alien and talks with it, it's still not as cool as Jenny. When things inevitably begin to go south with this uber horny, slightly stalkerish teen he tries to ask his new alien friend for help. Because he doesn't care about the big war going on, he just wants some more action from Jenny. Like for real?!?! That's what you would ask an alien for help with? Filled with horny teens, loads of underage drinking, weed usage, and overall asshole kids, this teen novel is  hard pass. I'm not even a prude but the conclusion of the novel advocated for open relationships. Soo that's cool... Seriously, the worst.

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