Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Every Day

File this under one of the most unique books I've had the pleasure of reading this year. The concept is so bizarre and thrilling that you can't put it down.

A is a gender neutral being who inhabits a different body every single day. He doesn't get to choose who he/she inhabits, it just happens. The bodies A inhabits are always the same age as him/her, but A has no control over who he/she wakes up as. One day he is a wealthy and stunningly beautiful black girl, the next a heroin addict or gay Puerto Rican. A can't stop it, every night at midnight he/she is whisked into another body and has been that way A's entire life.

When A awakes as another teenager he/she is able to access their memories in order to function as that individual for the day. The memories are used to find classes, complete homework, recognize friends, and family, etc. The next day when the teenager wakes up, they have no idea that someone else inhabited their body, they have memories of going about their day (albeit a bit fuzzy). A goes about this bizarre routine for sixteen years until he/she falls for Rhiannon. After that things get complicated.

A uses the bodies of whoever he/she's in to find her, but can he convince Rhiannon to be with him when every day A is in another body? Can love transcend such a complication? Can she love A when he shows up as a fat kid or a goth girl, or a hunky football player? Trust me you will want to read this to see how it ends. A fantastic and unique story that will have you turning pages like a mad man.

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