Sunday, December 2, 2012

Code Name Verity

This is easily one of the best young adult historical fiction novels I have EVER read. It was fantastic. All of the recommendations for it were justified and then some.I got glowing reviews from a college professor, Nancy Pearl, and a friend, clearly they know what's up :)

This story weaves an amazing tale of friendship during World War II. Maddie, an ATA pilot and Julie, a special operations spy endure hardships in England as they face sexism, Nazis, bombings, and more. This story is told in first person narrative as Julie (code name verity) is caught behind enemy lines in France and forced to reveal everything she knows. Her confession does more than contain codes and names however, it tells of her beautiful friendship with Maddie. Can she betray her country but not her friend? You MUST read to find out.

Seriously, it's great. You will learn sooo much about World War II history, aircraft, special operations, and Nazis. It's informative, intriguing, and endearing, it's perfect. It might sound daunting because it's listed as "young adult" literature but trust me, it's much more advanced than that. This is a book for all. Including you. So get out there and read it already!

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